Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve at the Roberts'

It's party town over here!  Caleb and I both have colds and it's kind of the pits.  Thankfully, Little Pickle hasn't caught it, and is foot-loose and fancy-free.  See?

Don't you wish you could lounge in a buzzing bed with toys hanging overhead?  I do.  I like to think Alice just knows she is livin' the life.

After the many Christmas festivities (and I do mean "many" -- over 5 days solely dedicated to Christmas partying), I guess life said, "Hey, Caleb and Julie.  You can't handle this.  Here's a cold to prove it."  Before the cold fully struck Caleb, he was able to go to the grocery store and kindly buy many medicinal supplies for his sickly wife.  So, in effort to make sickness somewhat interesting (and perhaps cute), I made a get-well-soon station that looks like this:
The bottle is for nasal-rinsing (gross, but effective), the vitamin C is to swallow and swallow and swallow and come as close to overdosing without actually overdosing as you can, and the lemons, raw honey, cayenne, ginger, and garlic (not pictured) are for a tasty medicinal tea that I like to call "Thai Tea" because, well, it tastes Thai-ish.  Not only does it boost your immune system, it feels amazing. You know what else is amazing?  Instant, nature-made popsicles on a sore throat.

Pop some grapes in the freezer and you have the most deliciously soothing sick-treat there is.  Grapes aren't the healthiest fruit but, hey, it feels wonderful.

By now you've probably put together that our New Year's Eve is festive and cheery.  Caleb can't contain himself.

Sorry for the bad lighting. Sickly settings just aren't bright places.

On the bright side, I've got old faithful to amuse me.  Lotion kleenexes and Little House on the Prairie.
I grew up watching this sappy show and you know what?  I love it.  Sue me for my nostalgia-kick.

Quote of the night:
Caleb: Honey, it's New Year's Eve.
Me:  Oh, YEAH!

P.S.  Notice the increase in pictures?  I became Blackberry-phone-savvy (sort of).  So maybe my blog will never be the same... for the better.  Hooray!

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