About Me

Hey there!  I'm Julie, and my husband and I are normal Oklahoma kids who were married promptly after graduating college, and 15 months later produced a daughter.  Her name is Alice -- or Pickle, as I like to call her.  Not long after her birth, we had Charles -- or Cho, as Alices likes to call him.  This blog shares the adventures that can only follow such a wild, crazy, out-o-this-world life (that's saaaarcasm).  

If the above paragraph wasn't enough, here's even MORE:

I painstakingly graduated with a degree in Creative Writing.  So I like to write... creatively.

Growing up, my one and only dream was to be a wife and mom.  That dream came true!  However, it's the kind of dream that takes lots of keeping up with and mounds of work to hold onto.  

My husband helps me do the dishes.

My husband is great (if you couldn't derive that from the above statement).

I sing throughout the day (and the kids love it, so there).

Our mailman sometimes opens our screen door and sets our mail ON OUR COUCH.  It's weird and wonderful.

I like to sew but I hate following patterns.

That's it!  That is all there is about me. Everything.