Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Little Bit O' Art

I should be doing dishes right now, but I had this feeling that some people might want to see this.  It's been resting in the confines of my computer for some time now, and I think now is a good time to share what I worked so hard on.  WHY I worked so hard on it, I really don't know.  But clearly the rewards were great:

This is my daughter, microsoft paint version.  The obvious facts: she's lying on a plaid blanket and there is a broadway-esque plaque above her head that has her name on it, in case you forget who she is.  She is wearing a cardigan that I actually think is cute, and some really dark brown pants that probably no baby in the world owns.  The secretive facts: she has little red-ish sticks in her hair. This is because baby Alice's blonde hair has a very slight red tone to it.  It goes without saying that spray-painting your kid's hair blonde isn't enough, and adding flecks of red really brings a real-life tone.  Rather than being small poxed, her cheeks are rosy.  And let's not forgot that she had gotten into mommy's lipstick earlier that day.

We would all do well to note that, while this skillfully crafted still life is lovely, it does not accurately represent how cute the living Baby Alice really is.  But it comes close.


  1. The "Broadway-esque" plaque! Haha

    Also, I kind of hope you frame this and put it in her room. With that being said, I also hope you never do that.