Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where is Alice?

Since marrying Caleb, I discovered that one of his nightly routines is to crawl into bed and promptly cover his face with the sheet.  Not only is this odd, but he often tries to carry on a normal conversation with the sheet over his face, and his mouth moving underneath like a mummy come to life.  Like me, you might wonder why in tarnation this is enjoyable.  His answer?  It's comfortable.  This is not an answer to me, but I have learned to accept it.

But it looks like Caleb's blanket-face legacy will live on.  For the past couple of weeks, I have found Alice living out her father's habit.  This morning, I checked on her during her nap, and -- not surprisingly -- found this.

More power to you, little baby.  I think it's hilarious.

This Morning

Made these* for a baby shower last night

Baby Alice without her face-blanket


  1. ooookaaayyyyy. Blanket-covered-face Alice is just too cute. Too cute, I say!
    Also, I want one of those brownies.
    Also also, in a perfect world, I would be holding Alice while eating one of those brownies.

  2. Dang it Emily always says exactly what I am going to say!!!