Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alice and Pants

The other night I dressed Alice for bed.  She wore a little t-shirt and some gray, polka-dot pants.  We did our nighttime routine (nurse, book, prayer, crib), I said goodnight, and left the room.

This was one of those nights that she cried and whined for 30 minutes straight, so I headed in to rock her and opened her door.  I wish I had a picture -- our little 11-month-old was standing in her crib, wearing a t-shirt and diaper.  That's it!  Not only had she removed her pants, but she had tossed them out of the crib and onto the floor. She has never undressed herself and, quite frankly, I don't know any 11-month-old who has.

If only we had recorded her craziness... I would have loved to see how she managed to yank those pants off with her tiny baby hands.  I would also like to know why an 11-month-old would decide against pants, but I don't count on ever knowing that.  We can, however, trust that Alice Clementine did not want to wear pants that night.

And I love her for that.


  1. Oh my goooooodness STOP IT with these posts. Unless you plan on sending her to me in a box so I can hug her and kiss her while reading these stories, I suggest you start writing about something else. Like, actual pickles. I love her.

  2. Ha! Avre has just started doing the same thing! Ethum did it too, diaper and all!

  3. Somehow my comments never post to your blog. Booo
    But, Alice is adorabs. As usual. That second picture kills me.