Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday at Home

While Thomas the Train is going and Alice is happy exploring her car seat that is in the living room instead of the car (oooo!), I thought I'd share how eventful my day has been.  Let me tell you, taking pictures of little things throughout the day has already enhanced my sanity.  Something to break up the day and mark different points of the day as "highlights" is a breath of fresh air when I feel like my life at home is a seamless line of blurred meaninglessness (I know it's not meaningless... but it can feel that way, so sue me).

I sipped on some apple cider vinegar.  You should read about it.

You might also like to know that my constant summer treat has been frozen bananas.  I keep them in the freezer and often douse them with loads of melted dark chocolate/butter when I need a pick-me-up.

I don't care if it looks gross.  It is amazing.  Try it -- there's no turning back.

After successfully getting Alice to sleep, I sat down with Pinterest and planned out a few Christmas gift ideas.  It's never too early.  Ever.

And Alice continues to play in her car seat... I don't know why it is such a wonderful toy when it is in a new setting.  I'm glad she's having the time of her life.

So far my day sounds quite pleasant -- I didn't realize how pleasant until I wrote it out.  Magic!  Also, I did wash dishes and do other not-awesome things, but everyday requires not-awesome things in order to be successful.

On another note, Alice/I really need some more rhyming books.  As much as I love saying, "Tick tock, tick tock, that's the sound of baby's clock," multiple times a day, I'm starting to dread Alice's book-reading desires.  She adores books, but only enjoys the rhyming ones so far.  But she is so happy with her small selection.  Way to be, Alice.

P.S.  This is cute.


  1. Julie. Julie.
    1)This post makes me miss you even more, because it just does (good reason, huh)
    2) I started using an apple cider vinegar concoction on my face, and I thought it made my skin look healthier, but then I started house sitting, and I didn't bring it with me. Anyhow, have you noticed a difference in how you feel now that you've started drinking it?
    3) Frozen bananas. You are a genius.
    4) Can you drop off Baby Alice and her car seat at my house?

    1. Emily.
      1) This comment makes me miss you even more because of your comment.
      2) Yes, I have definitely noticed a difference since drinking it. I drink it before - sometimes after - meals, and it noticeably makes me feel more satisfied. I also think it might do a great job of curbing appetite because I haven't been wanting to eat as much... which could be because I feel satisfied.
      3) Thank you.
      4) If I had a car, I totally would. Heck, if I had a half a car I would.