Friday, November 9, 2012

Updates on our lives, questions for your life.

What's goin' down in the Roberts' home?  So much.  Are you even ready for this?  Fasten your seat belts.

- Alice has a cold.  :(  She drank out of a snotty-nosed kid's sippy cup on Tuesday, and by Thursday morning had snot running down her poor face.  Would you like to wake up with snot running down your face?

- This was Alice's morning yesterday after breakfast: epsom salt bath, coconut oil massage, comfy clothes, blanket snuggles, warm milk, tucked into the crib for her nap.  Does this sound at all amazing to you?

- I saw my midwife on Wednesday and heard the baby's sweet, quick little heartbeat!  Alice said "whoa" when she heard it.  You would be surprised how popular Alice was in that office.  I felt like I was toting around a little famous person with all the stops we had to make to talk about Alice's age, her cuteness, her smirk, and her cuteness... and her cuteness.  I have no problem with such stops.  Are you as famous as Alice?

- Though I'm 16 weeks along, I'm still a big tired-head, which makes for an untidy house and a general feeling of light chaos.  Hopefully the fountain of blood the doctor took out of me will tell us why I've been tired, and some magic supplement of some sort will give me the boost I'd so love to have.  Do you love getting your blood drawn?

-  I am so glad the election is over!  ...I could say more.  Do you wish you could stand in line to vote again?

- I will always vote the same as my husband votes -- if we as a couple should always be on the same page as one another and value the same principles, we can't see a reason why voting should be an exception.  But I've found that not all couples do this... what do you do and why?

- Alice, being the needy baby she was yesterday (and still is today), just wanted to be held.  So we sat down and watched Mary Poppins together.  Little Alice isn't much of a cuddler (such a busy baby), but when she's sick, that changes.  It was the sweetest and the best (see cuddle photos above).  How do you feel about baby snuggles?  How do you feel about classy nannies who are magical and sing like angels?

This has been the Roberts' family update.  What a wild ride.


  1. Baby snuggles, toddler snuggles, puppy snuggles, husband snuggles (did you just get so grossed out?), I love them all.

    Alice in that second picture!! I CANNOT wait until she can have conversations with people. I have a feeling she will make me laugh a lot.

    The phrase "fountain of blood" does not sit well with me.

    And I really love that Alice gets coconut oil messages!

    Can I come visit today??

    1. Yes. We have been expecting you.

      AND yes. I did get so grossed out.