Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just spray paint it.

Remember how I said I was spray painting everything in my house?  Well, I want to show you some of what I've transformed.

To start, I spray painted a table (that I'm using as a desk)... the sad news is, I was so nuts with excitement that I forgot to take a before picture.  However, once it was spray painted and I started to set up my desk, I decided I wanted to use a bulletin board that my aunt/cousin-in-law gave me when they were spring cleaning.  The bulletin board had an ivory, distressed frame that just looked weird against the stark white.  And since I already went bonkers with delight after painting my desk/table, the solution was obvious: spray paint!

The cork board couldn't be separated from the frame, so I had to cover the cork.  Here's the before:

And then I got down to business.

Always use a dirty face mask when spray painting.

And after:


I love befores-and-afters... let's compare again!



It just looks so fresh and happy to be alive!  Which is how my desk makes me feel.  Here is the "while I'm setting up" before:

The mirror was already there and it CLEARLY had to go.  I had a blasty blast at Staples, getting my new supplies!  The desk area still needs a lot of work, but here's the temporary after shot:

Woohooo!!  (See the bulletin board??)

Let's compare:


Let's just say it: OMG.  I am so happy -- I had no idea how much I missed a little creative spot until I got my cute lil desk.  Just so you know, the base of the table was all black (it's heavy, icky metal), and the tabletop was a fake brown wood (think cafeteria table).  It's just a breath of fresh air, folks.

Oh, and I got spray-paint-happy:

Everything needs to be white now, ya know.

More desk shots:

Needs some organizational work, but whatever, it's still cute.

I have been throwing glue and scissors all over the place, and my Etsy shop is just days from opening.  So keep an eye out because you will soooo want to see how awesome I am.  

Psh, Etsy is so cool right now.  Like owls.


  1. Ahhh white makes everything better :)

  2. oh! you know what else you should do? nail a crate to the wall, right over your desk!

  3. Spray paint does make a girl feel artsy doesn't it? Plus also, I love owls!

  4. Soooo cute!!! I love it. I feel inspired just looking at your desk area.