Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Secret of 1:30

I am pausing my cleaning, living, spray painting everything in my house (not really... but kind of), taking care of a baby with a cold (well, I'm still doing that), and general busyness to let you guys in on a little secret I discovered.  It's the secret of 1:30pm.

You know how sometimes you're rollin' along, you woke up early, you're totally owning the day... and then somewhere down the line you unwittingly roll down a hill, open your eyes, and realize it's 4:30 and -- despite feeling so productive earlier -- you suddenly feel as if you've wasted your day.  And, if not wasted, watched the day simply fly past you.  This has been a rather frequent occurrence in my life, up until recently.  I made a huge discovery.  1:30.  People, it doesn't matter WHAT you do in the morning or the late afternoon, as long as you let 1:30 define your day. You can be chillin' like a villain on Saturday morning, being totally lazy-bones, BUT if at 1:30 you slap on your garden gloves and start showing those weeds who's boss, 4:30 will roll around and you'll find that you've not only weeded the garden, but you've cleaned your entire house and maybe even built an entire house, too.  The same goes for a productive morning -- if you're productive all morning, but let 1:30 turn into 2:30 by scrolling through Pinterest nonsense, you will feel as if you've thrown the whole day out the window.  All you have to do is be aware of 1:30 and let 1:30 define your day.  Try it.  Your life will change.

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  1. HAHAHA!! This is so true, actually....especially on Saturdays. Life is a mind game. Sometimes.