Saturday, April 21, 2012

What happened today with pictures from another day

Last week we did not get sucked up by a tornado.  In fact, there were far fewer tornadoes than the weathermen thought their would be... which made me kind of mad at the weathermen.  But then, I guess, God is the one who controls the weather, so I shouldn't be mad at the weathermen for not being omniscient.  They could at least try to act like they're not, though.

ANYWAY!  Today Caleb and I joined everyone and their hamster at Lowe's, getting spring things like flowers, mulch, and a watering can.  Isn't that fun?  I also got some spray paint to remake an old table that was sitting in one of our sheds -- its destiny is a corner of our home, where I will make it my awesome crafting station for my awesome Etsy shop that is just waiting for its grand opening.

This is Cabe's and my first experience with gardening, so it was really fun and really hubby-wifey of us.  Alice loooves being outside, so she enjoyed it, too!  I took absolutely no pictures of the day.  Pardon me for enjoying the day and not feeling pressured to take pictures for you spoiled blog readers (<--that's a joke, okay).

Since I took zero pictures of our day, here are some moments from Tuesday that I just didn't get around to posting!  We decided to have a random cookout and eat unhealthy [nitrate-free] hotdogs.  Supa fun!

Please, might I try a morsel?

They're pretty cute.
I hope your weekend is being nice to you!


  1. This blog post does NOT belong in the 'That's Dumb' News Daily category.

  2. I sure hope you share pictures of your garden and freshly painted table :)