Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring spring spring

Happy front porch

Is it gorgeous where you are? It is BEAUTIFUL here.  Hello, spring!  I am sitting on my couch with the front door open.  The birds hopping around on our front lawn sound like little people sneaking up on me.  But they mean no harm.

It's been a strange morning.  I had planned to take Alice to my mom's, so I could help out with her cookie business today.  Alas, Caleb spent the night with a terrible stomach virus, and he needs a wife at home to take care of him.  Conversational proof:

Me:  Caleb, I cannot leave you today.  You can't take care of yourself.
Caleb:  Yes, I can.  I can just drink some water.

Water has been known to nourish and cure all kinds of illnesses.
Needless to say, I stayed home.

What does the day hold now?  I feel like I have a bonus day, since my plans have been canceled (leaving my mom to find some way to get through the orders alone... :(  ).

Alice has been a chatter box, screaming-like-a-girl, crazy head today.  She doesn't know what illness is yet.

Best face

Sneaky face

Licking-the-teether face?

And, since she looks so cute with a pacie, we'll end here:

Arm is waving, trying to grab the camera... eyes are dazed with exhaustion. 
Happy spring!

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