Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sweets and Muffin Tops (<-- the human kind)

It's real.

So is this.

I can't eat that stuff.  I've given up sweets.  Not for Lent, because I started my "no sweets" rule after Lent, so I feel like it would be cheating to say that I'm giving up sweets for Lent. Another reason I feel like it would be cheating is because, in all honesty, I'm giving up sweets in hopes of losing weight.  For anyone who hasn't had a kid: that baby belly doesn't just magically disappear once the baby is born.  What once was a cute, firm bulge that strangers wanted to touch, is now a gelatinous excess that prevents normal jeans from buttoning.  Though I've lost weight simply by nursing Alice, it's time to take action.  Summer is upon us.  This means lighter clothes are coming.  I don't think the world needs to partake in my muffin top any longer than it already has.

For all of you self-esteem people out there: I'm not beating myself up.  I'm not pressured by society's standard of what a woman should look like.  I've got leftover baby belly and that's all there is to it.

For all of you "ooooh, I could never have a baby -- the stretch marks!" [married] people:  Have one.  You really don't care what you look like, once you get a glimpse of a face as cute as this:

Then again, I can guarantee that your child won't even match such cuteness... so maybe you should reconsider, after all.

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog and I'm a new follower :) Your little girl is SO adorable! Look at those cheeks! xoxo, eliza