Friday, March 23, 2012

A little baby shares a lot.

Good Friday to you!  The post today is brought to you by none other than Alice Clementine.  Being six months old, she has a lot to share with you all.  I leave the rest to you, Alice.

Hi, guys.  Because I'm so grown up, my mom took some pictures of me today.

I had a super good time getting my pictures taken, as I always do. I really don't get upset a whole lot but some things that I don't like are:

Being somewhere new for too long.  Being sleepy.  Mom cleaning under my neck/chins.  Loud noises.  My teeth hurting (when my teeth hurt, I get to suck on a little homeopathic pellet, and that is pretty tasty).  And lately I just think it's pretty bad when mom and dad are standing there, but someone else is holding me -- what is up with that??

I love scratching things and putting things in my mouth.  Mom lets me scratch almost everything, except her face and my tummy. When I scratch my tummy, it makes these red lines -- it's really cool.  But mom thinks it's better without the red lines.

I also LOVE it when daddy comes home.  I don't know where he goes all day, but it must be pretty great, because he always comes home smiling when he sees me.  Mom is always around and we hang out a lot.  We do the same thing most of the time.

A lot of times, people that I don't know come up and smile at me and say that I'm adorable.  Isn't that so nice, you guys?  It makes me happy and sometimes it makes me squeal.  Squealing is so much fun!  But sometimes I forget about squealing because I get so busy looking around and thinking.  There's so much to think about.

Ya know what else I love?  I love it so much.  I love it when mommy sings.  If I'm in my jumper, it makes me jump up and down when she sings.  If I'm lying down, I kick my legs and smile really big so that she knows I like it.  My favorite is "The Wizard and I" from Wicked... for real.  Someday we'll sing songs together, but I'm just a baby right now.

Other things I love: 
Funny kisses.
My Sophie giraffe toy.
My pacifier.
Jumping in my jumper.

Don't even get me started on milkies... they are my favorite food.  Sometimes mom tries to give me other stuff, but I really don't know why, because milkies are clearly my favorite.  Some people call it "milk," but I'm a baby, so I obviously add "ee" to everything.  Cut me some slack, guys.

Thank you so much for letting me share with you all of my favorite things and some of the things that are not fun!  I'm already learning that the world revolves around me, so getting the opportunity to star in a post bolsters that even more!  Yay!

Thank you!


  1. How is it that my two favorite things (6 month old babies and ALICE) are existing at the same time and I HAVEN'T SEEN THEM!

    Also, those pictures!!!!! (!!!!)

  2. That first picture in the first picture of 4...classic Alice face. This post made me laugh and kind of want to cry? I don't know what's going on. Baby Alice, the world does revolve around you, and you are the cutest thing ever. It's okay, you can let that get to your head.