Friday, March 16, 2012

Stomachs, babies, happiness, and death.

When husband has the stomach flu, I feel like I have it too.

Whoa, is Dr. Suess in here?  No, it's just clever ol' me.

Back to the topic those rhyming words brought on, Caleb has had the stomach flu all week long.  It's awful and sad to see him so sick... he caught it on Monday, and even by today he is having trouble keeping food in his stomach.  What might be worst of all is how quiet Caleb is when he's sick.  Normally, he ignites our conversations -- and can carry them on for hours (which I love).  But the past couple of days, if my brain impulses me to say anything at all, he has a 1-2 word response... maybe a sentence, if he's feeling particularly good.  :(  It makes for a sad, sad little house.

On the bright side, Alice is completely oblivious to her surroundings, and is therefore happy as a clam.  While Caleb is lying in bed with his face under the covers, Alice can be heard squeaking toys and babbling like a crazy baby.  If that's not adorable AND cheery, I don't know what is.  She is probably the best medicine for daddy.  Mm, I love those huge smiles she hands out.

I am so very ready for a healthy husband -- for his sake and, let's be honest, for mine.  It's just sad to be in a rain cloud house with two very needy people who can't really talk.  But my state doesn't compare to the misery Caleb is enduring.  Alice is most certainly enduring nothing but utter bliss.  As I write, she is snuggled in a light blanket with the ceiling fan turning softly above her, in a dimly lit room.  She has a full belly and a pacifier mouth.  I don't think any of us will be as comfortable as a baby until we die.  Death = comfort now, I guess.

Well, if you read all that, thank you for enduring the ramblings of a wife who might be sticking her toe in the waters of loop-de-loop, about to lose it, delirium.  I think I need to lie down now because I have a fever... cabin fever.  Boom.

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  1. Everyone all over the country is getting the stomach bug!! Eric and I had it a couple of months ago, Stew and Molly and fam had it a couple of weeks ago, and everyone we know. And now you guys. :( It is truly the WORST. You and Alice should wash your hands every 5 seconds.....