Monday, February 24, 2014

Suh-no = Snow (and other Alice pronunciations)

Alice is coming up on 2.5 years and I can hardly believe it.  She has always been a little babbler, and so eager to babble and chatter that she is taking her sweet time actually learning the words she pretends to babble.  Finally, she seems to be slowing down enough to pause, listen, and learn words, and they're being pronounced in the best way possible. That said, I use this time to document some words that are uniquely Alice in pronunciation.

Suh-no = Snow (snow is yucky, in case you didn't know... it lands on cars and trees and makes a mess)

Cweeb = Crib

Taw-wees = Charles

Aw mawnin' = Good morning

Sussin = Medicine

Twends = Friends (everyone is a twend)

Munch = Lunch and/or sandwich

Beekies = Blankies

Aw dawb = Good job

Pawno = Piano

Bah = Umbrella

A-mawn = Amen

Ginks = Thanks

Last but not least, unfortunately, Alice thinks her name is Ass.  That's okay.  She'll get that L and I soon. We hope.

Hands down, our favorite word of hers is "cweeb"... it cracks us up every time.  At this point, her pronunciations are cute. If she keeps up this cuteness through age 3, I might get worried.  As for now, I'm embracing her sweet little baby talkin'.

P.S.  Alice has been stealing the show on the blog... Charles, you're up next, don't you even worry.


  1. So many of these were my favorite until I read the next one. I think "twends" wins for me, though. Right underneath "ass", of course. Hahahaha. Oh, sweet little funny Alice. I love her. And I haven't forgotten about Charles, even if you have.

  2. "Last but not least, unfortunately, Alice thinks her name is Ass." Oh my god, I'm dying. That's amazing. Love your blog, by the way!