Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Temple, Tapping Into My Toddler's Toes

It might be a little belated, but it wouldn't seem right to let my blog go without recognizing the passing of Shirley Temple.  My sisters and I adored that happy, singing, tapping, bouncy-haired girl, and she is forever etched in my childhood.  Naturally, I want to pass down this love to Alice and, because she's a dancing fool, she has had no trouble becoming attached to the dancing ways of Shirley Temple.  I adore her bizarre 2-year-old interpretations of Shirley Temple's moves.  Alice has always loved dancing, and I'm sure Shirley -- or, as she calls her, "Temple" -- will impact Alice in the inspiring way she did my sisters and I.

At Alice's 10-week ultrasound, she was dancing.  If you've seen Bubble Guppies, she looked identical to a dancing Bubble Guppy.  In the womb she was a rollie pollie, and I told Caleb almost daily that we had a dancer on our hands.  Lo and behold, she was born with the cord wrapped around her 3 times, she was so busy dancin' it up.

Dance away, little Alice!  I completely support your choice of a role model.

Alice's favorite "Temple" song.

P.S. I'm deeply sorry for bringing something as horrifying as Bubble Guppies into a conversation about Shirley Temple.

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